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Recent Client Testimonials


Dear Sarah-Jane,

Just a short note to thank you sincerely for your work in my breakthrough session.
Life has changed!

I’m delivering presentations to some of the toughest and most cynical audiences around and it is so easy and enjoyable.

I’ve got bounce and sparkle and I’ve just been offered a brilliant secondment opportunity as well as a “Leadership Masterclass” to run for our brightest new talent.

I was initially very daunted by the prospect of the breakthrough session but I immediately felt comfortable and able to relate and to trust you implicitly – no mean feat!

Thank you again for your help – I’m beginning to achieve things I never previously thought possible.

Arron, Queens Park


I met Sarah Thain for the first time 9 months’ ago. Sarah coached me from then onwards, to help me begin to live at my full potential.

Following the breakdown in my marriage, and subsequent divorce, I had developed low-level depression, and suffered with low self-esteem. I was bingeing on food and alcohol.and as a consequence was significantly over-weight. I suffered with weak self-confidence and was desperately un-happy.

Sarah had an amazing influence on my life. Her approach was provocative and challenging to my provarication and procrastination. She helped me map out a path for change, and then supported me on the journey to where I wanted to get to.

John, Newbury


Career Focus:

I decided I wanted to secure a promotion. Sarah helped me examine opportunities to build my profile, and then encouraged me to take a lead role in a major international project. When it came to delivering a speech to the 400 most important managers in the company, Sarah was there for me, supporting and encouraging me and helping me with issues of self-confidence. I was offered an interview, and Sarah helped me think things through, and prepare. In January I started my new job, and again Sarah was there challenging me to plan and create impact.


Health Focus:

I was struggling with back pain spasms that prevented my exercising and being significantly over-weight. I had no energy and was lethargic. I wanted to change my health for the better. Sarah encouraged me to improve my diet, undertake daily exercise, improve my sleep patterns and also improve the way I dressed. The result, when I undertook a Nuffield Health assessment was remarkable. Every measure had improved, and my fitness level was a top score. I had lost 10% of my body weight.

Dan, Wallington


Relationship Focus:

I wanted to start a new relationship, but I was suffering from deep-rooted issues of confidence and negative behavioural patterns that flooded my brain and prevented me from being myself. Sarah helped me to improve my self-esteem, and coached me through relationship building, even signing me up for an on-line dating site. She helped me identify the problems I was suffering with and encouraged me to undertake the Hoffman Process, which I have just done. Through this I have gain significantly more awareness of my behavioural patterns, and have begun to self-regulate and address them. Sarah continues to be a support to me.

Having Sarah as my coach has transformed my life in so many ways, and I am so very grateful.

Antony, Notting Hill


Hi Sarah

Just a quick e-mail to thank you for the coaching session the other day. Your professionalism and enthusiasm were kindly received and the progress we made far exceeded my expectations. I am looking forward to our next meeting and will be sure to recommend you to my friends.

Kind regards

Paul, Oxford