The Process


Starter Self Audit

Prior to our initial session you will be asked to complete a detailed and challenging coaching audit.

It is worth taking time at this stage to challenge yourself and your thinking to establish just what you want from your life.

During this session we will lay down the foundations and establish the best way forward.

This initial process is essential as no two people are the same. The better we know you, the better we can tailor our skills to ensure maximum benefit… for YOU.

 Next Steps:

 The first one hour session is free of charge. Your relationship with your Rocket coach is tremendously important as we often deal with very personal issues. We do not charge you for the initial appointment, just to make sure we click!

Your coach will not just be available for you pre-scheduled slots. We will work with you to create a fully integrated personalised plan that will consist of one-to-one sessions, half and full day breakthrough sessions, telephone and online support. We will be here to help when you need it most.

It’s important for us to speak before you book. We only take a limited number of private clients as this ensures that we can offer the level of service that we know will work best for you.

During these sessions we will discuss progress, identify potential problems and solutions, help keep energy high and focused, challenge limiting beliefs and keep you on track for success.