The Beginning



 At Rocket Coaching we use an integrated approach.

Our practice is based on coaching, NLP and evidence based cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy techniques.

Using a myriad of the above processes, Rocket will work with you , to transform your life for the better.  

  The Rocket Process will help the you to:

    • Understand yourself and others at a much deeper level
    • Be challenged and to grow within a safe environment
    • Examine any issues that might be holding you back
    • Look at patterns of behaviour that you might be repeating in various areas of your life
    • Work out what it is you REALLY want in life
    • Build Motivation, Confidence and Self-Acceptance
    • Remove any barriers that has been previously stopping you to achieve your goals, dreams and aspirations

How do I choose the correct Coach?

  • What are their qualifications are they credible? What boards are they governed by, are the boards credible? It is really worth engaging in thorough reasearch at this stage of the process.
  • Does this coach understand me? Do you feel you trust your coach? Will you be able to open up to them with ease? Do they have an understanding of your issues, background and world that you live in? Have they explained the processes of how you will work together with an approximate time line from the beginning to end of the process?
  • If you have been running these patterns and behaviours for most of your life then it is extremely unlikely that any coach or therapist will ‘fix’ you in a matter of weeks. Much to most clients horror Coaches do not fix you. They will work with you so that you can help yourself, but you will have to do most of the work. The coach is there to guide, support, mentor and facilitate the desired change. Ultimately with the correct guidance it is the client that MUST make the change within themselves. If any coach promotes that they will ‘fix you’ I would proceed with extreme caution.
  • And lastly Gut Instinct – If you have ever read the book ‘BLINK’ you will know that in life once you have digested all necessary information it is always best to trust your internal instinct  – Is this coach the right one for me? Does this feel/look/sound right?