How we can help


We know you’re a high achiever. We know you’re great. The fact is that you want to be even better.

Guess what? You’re not alone.

Rocket clients tend to already be successful in at least one area of their lives already, but want to enjoy similar success in other areas.

Success can often come at the expense of other aspects of life. Together we can create  a balance.

Success is different for everyone and our role is to help you to define what it means for you. We can then assist, coach, mentor, and in some cases nag and even kick you (in a nice way, of course) until you to get there.

Personal coaching is a unique partnership between you and your coach.

You wouldn’t expect to go to the Olympics without a coach and it’s no coincidence that most of us make our best progress when paired with a great teacher, mentor or role model.

Coaching is your opportunity to have someone prep and prime you for success in your own life, right now.

It’s important for us to speak before you book, we only take a limited number of private clients to ensure that we are able to offer the level of service that we know will work best for you.

When you’re ready to explore your potential, pick up the phone.

Our mission is to help your world take off.